Investment strategy

The Funds & Co-Investments team has a deep history of investing globally in high performing middle market managers and alongside them in select deals.

History & Experience:  we are among the earliest investors into private equity, having made our first commitment as a group in 1972.  In addition, we have been managing and investing third party capital alongside our principal for over 17 years, with our first commingled program in 2002.

Global Presence:  today we have a global team of approximately 20 professionals across 3 continents involved with the sourcing, investing and servicing of unique investment opportunities.  Our global presence and cohesive team allows us to pay special attention to being active and deep in our local markets, while using a rigorous approach to creating unique and hard to access deal opportunities.

Strategy:  our investment strategies are focused on providing diversity of alpha globally.  We believe that our combination of Fund investments, Co-Investments and Opportunistic exposure ensure both stability while also allowing for unique upside across our investments.