• UrgentMED

    UrgentMED is the premier independent network of urgent care clinics in Southern California

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: November 2021
    • Sector: Healthcare
    • Location: United States
  • Solem

    In July 2021, Quilvest Capital Partners acquired a majority stake in Solem, alongside the company’s CEO Frédéric Comte who reinvested massively in the transaction.

    Founded in 1984 and managed by Frédéric Comte since 2016, Solem is a state-of-the art designer and assembler of connected devices focused on telecare, irrigation and pool. Since the arrival of Frédéric Comte, Solem has been successfully transformed from a contract manufacturer of electronic devices into a leading IoT player with internationally renowned brands.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: July 2021
    • Sector: Light industrials
    • Location: France
    • Website: https://www.solem.fr/
  • Minafin

    In 2021, Quilvest Capital Partners and Crédit Mutuel Equity, shareholder of Minafin since 2005, closed a new equity financing round for the Minafin Group

    Founded in 2004, Minafin is a leading global fine chemical developer and manufacturer, specialising in active pharmaceutical ingredients (“API”) manufacturing and green chemistry. The group operates six industrial facilities in France, Belgium, Germany and the United States supporting international customers in the life sciences and high-tech industries.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: July 2021
    • Sector: Healthcare
    • Location: Belgium
    • Website: http://minafin.com/
  • BT Blue

    In 2020, Quilvest partnered with Nicolas Boittin, CEO and founder of Blue (formerly Bretagne Télécom), and became a cornerstone investor in the company.

    Blue is a French B2B alternative telecom operator, founded in 2006. It offers subscription-based, turnkey telecommunication and IT services to SMEs. Services are rendered with top-notch infrastructures, including a fully-certified data center at Blue’s headquarters.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: July 2020
    • Sector: Telecom
    • Location: France
    • Website: https://www.bt-blue.com/
  • Tri-Imaging Solutions

    Tri-Imaging Solutions is an integrated provider of parts and services to the diagnostic imaging equipment maintenance and repair market. The company provides repair parts, on-site servicing, technical training, and technical support to its customers.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: September 2019
    • Sector: Business Services / Healthcare
    • Location: United States
  • Tiendas 3B

    Tiendas 3B is the first chain of hard-discount grocery stores in Mexico, modeled on the typical European hard-discounters’ operations: limited product selection (allowing for more volume discounts from suppliers, and lower logistics costs), small stores with low rents and limited staff. Tiendas 3B operates its own distribution centers and is geographically focused on Mexico City and its suburbs.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: May 2004
    • Sector: Retail
    • Location: Mexico
    • Website: https://tiendas3b.com/
  • AFC

    American Franchise Capital is a leading franchise restaurant platform operating 120+ units including 70+ Taco Bell and 50+ Applebee’s restaurants.

  • Eudonet

    Quilvest invested in Eudonet in 2017 alongside CEO Antoine Henry and CFO Fabrice Vernière. Eudonet is a leading designer and provider of full-SaaS CRM solutions covering sales, marketing, communication and client services focused on a selected number of verticals including membership organizations, nonprofit organizations, education, public sector and real estate.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: March 2017
    • Sector: Business Services
    • Location: France
    • Website: https://fr.eudonet.com/
  • Creative

    Creative Extruded Products is the leading supplier of highly engineered extruded molding products used in the North American automotive glass molding industry.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: February 2017
    • Sector: Industrials
    • Location: United States
    • Website: https://creativeextruded.com/
  • Luke's

    Lukes Seafood LLC (Luke’s Lobster) is a vertically integrated global branded seafood restaurant and consumer company. The restaurant segment focuses on serving authentic Maine-inspired menu offerings anchored in sustainability across its U.S. based shacks and international locations (in Japan and Taiwan). The company’s seafood segment buys, produces and sells seafood products to its own restaurants, wholesalers, grocers and consumer packaged goods retailers.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: May 2016
    • Sector: Restaurant / Consumer
    • Location: Global
    • Website: https://www.lukeslobster.com/
  • Tortilla

    Tortilla is the leading U.K. Mexican-themed quick service restaurant chain with 40+ restaurants in the U.K. and seven franchised stores in the Middle East.

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: December 2011
    • Sector: Consumer
    • Location: United Kingdom
    • Website: https://www.tortilla.co.uk/
  • Phaidon International

    Phaidon International (“Phaidon”) is a multi-brand global recruitment business focused on hard-to-find, business-critical roles within niche verticals. Phaidon operates five organically established brands, across 11 different offices in three core regions, EMEA, U.S. and APAC.

  • EDH

    In 2017, Quilvest acquired Groupe EDH alongside management and CEO Amin Khiari. Groupe EDH is a French network of higher education schools dedicated to communication, arts management, graphic design and journalism, operating 6 brands (EFAP, ICART, EFJ, Brassart Cesine and Mopa) over 15 campuses in France, Spain as well as in New York, Shanghai and Algiers

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: November 2017
    • Sector: Consumer
    • Location: France
    • Website: https://www.groupe-edh.com/
  • Metro Franchising

    Description: Founded in 1998, Metro Franchising is the fourth largest franchisee in the Dunkin’ system and the largest Dunkin franchisee in the New York City metro region. Dunkin franchisees operate in the quick service restaurant segment providing coffee, donuts, baked goods and other snacks

    • Investment Status: In Portfolio
    • Investment Date: December 2013
    • Sector: Consumer
    • Location: USA